Tiña’s “positive mental health music”: speaking without being ashamed.

It’s liberating to perform as a man in pink. With their new album, London band Tina tries to find their footing in an alienated world.

Men in Pink. London band Tina comes from the environment of The Windmill club Photo by Tom Delion.

When Josh Loftin awoke from restless dreams one morning, he found himself transformed into a monstrous nothingness in his bed. "It clicked. I collapsed as if someone had turned off the light," Loftin tells the taz. Loftin is the lead singer of the London-based band Tina, which recently released its debut album, Positive Mental Health Music.

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Death of patient tonou-mbobda at the uke: homicide investigated

Tonou-Mbobda died of heart failure, according to the public prosecutor’s office. The UKE promises "unconditional clarification".

Tonou Mbobda was remembered in front of the UKE Photo: Miguel Ferraz

Hamburg taz The psychiatric patient Tonou-Mbobda, who comes from Cameroon, has died "as a result of heart failure." This was announced by the press spokeswoman of the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office on Monday.

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Taz-adventskalender (18): it’s getting tight for criminals

The public prosecutor’s office wants to take tougher action against organized crime and has set up a new department for this purpose. It will make a lot of bycatch

Neukolln 2017: Police seize what they can get: In this case, 77 properties Photo: dpa

According to the Christian calendar, the Good News is only announced on December 24. But because there are so few reasons to rejoice in this earthly vale of tears, we present good news every day until Christmas.

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Study on district schools in hamburg: left party calls for lack of transparency

The Senate has published the results of a study on the learning status at various types of schools. The Left Party speaks of district school bashing.

Dreisatz is also super exciting in the city district school. Perhaps Photo: dpa

A "nail in the coffin for the city district schools" calls the chairwoman of the left-wing parliamentary group, Sabine Boeddinghaus, the "cannibalization" of the results of the Kermit study – in her opinion, the Senate should not have released them. The results of the study, which annually records the learning levels of students at elementary schools, high schools and district schools, had previously only been published internally at schools.

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Coach tite makes brazil successful: after the 7-1 apocalypse in belo

Brazil’s coach Tite is breaking taboos and has brought the Selecao back to its old strength. The final World Cup test is coming up against Germany in Berlin.

Tite at work Photo: dpa

Four years can be a very long time in soccer. So long that one might almost believe that this 7:1 was in reality nothing but imagination, a German dream, a Brazilian nightmare. Anyone who last saw the Selecao, who were so humiliated at the 2014 World Cup, would not think that years of torment were predicted for them after the apocalypse in Belo Horizonte. Which team qualified first for the 2018 World Cup? Who do the betting companies list as favorites? Who just won 3:0 at the host Russia?

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Urban development in hamburg: beautiful new city

In Hamburg, the investor’s view of urban development is law. The presumed next victim: the City high-rises. A protocol of an urban planning tragedy.

Hamburg’s city high-rises were once pioneering buildings, but no one wants to hear about them anymore. Image: Hamburg Department of Culture

When everyone in Hamburg agrees, caution is always in order. This time it’s about the city skyscrapers, four massive buildings from the 1950s that catch the eye of train travelers just before they reach the main station from the south. "An eyesore!" is the unanimous response, whether from political leaders or dwarfs from all factions, the Hamburger Abendblatt, the Welt or Mopo.

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Dispute over ethics in research: studying without animal sacrifice

Hamburg’s SPD and Greens want to ban animal experiments from teaching, while at the same time the University Hospital is building an expensive new animal experiment house. The Left Party wants to block the money.

What if? Symbolic protest in front of the University of Hamburg Photo: dpa

SPD and Greens in Hamburg want to write animal protection into the university law. Following the example of Bremen, a passage is to be inserted that demands, with reference to the Basic Law: Universities must promote methods in teaching and research that reduce the "use" of animals.

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Dealing with refugees in corona crisis: solidarity or shame

The current much-vaunted concern for the well-being of others ends with the refugees in collective accommodations. But they are the ones who need our help.

Danger of infection in a six-bed room: asylum seeker accommodation in Schleswig-Holstein Photo: Lars Berg/imago

Consistent compliance with contact restrictions saves lives". This appeal was emblazoned across a press release from the Federal Ministry of the Interior earlier this week. There is a lot of talk about solidarity these days, keeping your distance the order of the day. But what about people who would like to keep their distance – but can’t?

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Popular uprising of june 17, 1953: “stalin’s head fell out of the window”.

Academy President Klaus Staeck experienced June 17, 1953 in the industrial town of Bitterfeld as a schoolboy. A visit to his old home.

Academy President Klaus Staeck in front of the Bitterfeld town hall, the seat of the strike committee sixty years ago. Photo: Rolf Zollner

As the ICE rolls out of the station, Klaus Staeck looks behind the train in amazement. "Are we really the only ones who got off?" One of the snack machines is smashed, tank cars are parked on sidings. "Bitterfeld" shows the sign, the clouds promise rain, wind rustles the hair. The welcome is not homey. How could it be? June 17, 1953 drove Klaus Staeck away from Bitterfeld. June 17 brings him back again.

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Protest in guatemala: corruption and social cuts

Thousands are taking to the streets in Guatemala in protest against the government’s new budget plan. Many are demanding the resignation of the president.

The burning parliament says what the protesters think of those inside: Thieves Photo: Oliver De Ros/dpa

Anger over next year’s national budget drove thousands into the streets in Guatemala on Saturday. On the sidelines of a protest march in Guatemala City, several hundred mostly masked demonstrators set fire to the parliament building. Flames burst violently through some windows from inside the building, but firefighters quickly got the blaze under control.

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