Commentary on deadly pepper spray: the fairy tale of the mild remedy

The police spray indiscriminately and a lot with pepper spray. The renewed fatalities show that it is high time to stop the frequent use.

Deadly for asthmatics, heart patients or people who take psychotropic drugs or drugs: Use of pepper spray at the G20 summit in Hamburg Photo: dpa

Pepper spray is still considered the supposedly milder means in police operations. Because it does not cause baton wounds or water cannon fractures, and because it cannot be used for the "final rescue shot". And because pepper spray is supposedly as "mild" as baby shampoo, it is used quite indiscriminately in police operations, freely according to the motto: "May I have a little more?" In 2010, for example, the police sprayed almost 2,200 cartridges during a single Castor operation.

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Opposition figure in azerbaijan: on the verge of a coma

Politician Tofig Yagublu has been on hunger strike for over two weeks. He is protesting his sentence of four years in prison for vandalism.

Musavat Tofig Yagublu during an interview before his imprisonment Photo: Karimov/pacific press/imago

He is apparently determined to go to extremes: Azerbaijani opposition politician Tofig Yagublu threatened on Wednesday to stop drinking water if the guilty verdict against him is not overturned. On September 3, the 59-year-old was sentenced by a court in the capital Baku to four years and three months in prison for vandalism. Since then he has been on hunger strike.

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Wheelchair-accessible apartments in bremen: wheelchair quota on hold

The quota for wheelchair-accessible apartments is not coming for the time being, because no one knows which of these "R-apartments" are actually needed. That is now to change.

Guaranteed not wheelchair accessible: A stairwell Photo: Imago

Bremen is to get a demand-oriented housing offer for wheelchair users. To this end, Building Senator Joachim Lohse (Greens), the State Commissioner for the Disabled Joachim Steinbruck and Thomas Tietje, Chairman of "agWohnen", have signed a voluntary commitment. However, in return, the originally planned quota for the construction of wheelchair-accessible apartments, so-called "R-apartments", is put on hold.

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New police law in lower saxony: vanity and paranoia

The Lower Saxony state parliament passes a tougher police law. Not without a hefty exchange of blows between the deputies.

The "hard dog" and his drone: CDU interior politician Uwe Schunemann Photo: dpa

When Uwe Schunemann, CDU member of parliament and former interior minister of Lower Saxony, speaks of criminal gangs "who rake in money and even use child pornography and child abuse to do so," even guests in the gallery have to laugh. Schunemann does not make a plea for better child protection or, for example, tougher action against sex offenders on Tuesday in Lower Saxony’s state parliament.

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Crisis at 1. Fc kaiserslautern: pact with the devils

Kaiserslautern used to be a soccer stronghold. A huge stadium bears witness to this. Now it may be the club’s undoing.

A lot of money for nothing: The Fritz Walter Stadium on the Betzenberg Photo: Jan Hubner/imago

"This is a marriage of convenience. But it’s better than having to bear the costs of the divorce," says Mayor Klaus Weichel, describing the situation of the city of Kaiserslautern. The city’s best-known child, 1. FC Kaiserlautern, has long since ceased to spread diabolical terror in soccer. Instead, the stadium of the club they call the "Red Devils" is causing hellish problems in the city’s purse.

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War in syria: army calls for flight from aleppo

The Assad regime wants to gain control of the former economic metropolis. "Humanitarian corridors" are being set up with Russia.

Images of destruction in the village of Atareb, west of Aleppo Photo: reuters

The Syrian government wants to regain full control of the strategically important city of Aleppo after weeks of heavy shelling and the successful constriction of rebel militias. It plans to do so with an evacuation of up to 300,000 civilians from districts currently still controlled by rebels, described as a "humanitarian operation."

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Conflict between major powers: usa closes chinese consulate

China’s retaliation to the escalation from Washington is only a matter of time. Meanwhile, plumes of smoke rise from the consulate’s courtyard.

The Chinese Consulate General in Houston Photo: Adrees Latif/reuters

Tense relations between the United States and China are worsening at an alarming rate. First, Washington accused two Chinese hackers of targeting millions of dollars of U.S. companies’ data on the Covid 19 vaccine search on behalf of the intelligence agency. Just hours later, the U.S. government ordered the Chinese consulate general closed within 72 hours.

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New episode of the agent thriller: bond film postponed again

Cinema owners had hoped that things would pick up again with the new Bond film after the crisis. But the start of the film has been postponed yet again.

James Bond will not be back in cinemas until 2021 – despite the start of an advertising campaign Photo: Lisi Niesner

The new James Bond film "No Time to Die" has been postponed again six weeks before its scheduled release – now for the fourth time. The agent thriller with Daniel Craig is not scheduled to hit theaters until April 2, 2021. The announcement by the producers not only disappointed fans, it particularly angered cinema operators who fear for their existence. Many had associated the new blockbuster with the hope of a revival of the cinema business.

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Proposal of the minister of defense: akk wants a protection zone in northern syria

The defense minister has proposed an international security zone for northern Syria. She wants to break with the rather restrained Syria policy so far.

The minister plans to present her proposal on the sidelines of the meeting of NATO defense ministers Photo: Stefan Boness/Ipon

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is urging Germany and its EU partners to become more involved in the northern Syria conflict. "My proposal is that we establish an internationally controlled security zone involving Turkey and including Russia," the CDU leader told Deutsche Welle on Monday.

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Tension in the ard: quarrel with the bavarian broadcasting corporation

For once, the ARD is united in its displeasure with Ulrich Wilhelm, the director of BR. Is a BR exit looming?

The director of Bayerischer Rundfunk Ulrich Wilhelm Photo: Frank Hoermann / Sven Simon

If, for once, ARD could do as it pleased, it would amount to an unregulated BR exit. Whereby it is not about Great Britain at all. But about Bavaria! Because Ulrich Wilhelm has made it. The director of Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) has succeeded in doing what many in the club, which likes to be called "Alle Reden Durcheinander," have failed to do. ARD is finally in agreement. Tusch and applause!

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