Because of the greek crisis: bosbach resigns from committee chairmanship

CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach does not want to support the Bundestag’s decision to continue negotiations with Greece. However, he will remain a member of parliament.

"I cannot and will not go along with this path," the 63-year-old said. Photo: dpa

CDU member of the Bundestag Wolfgang Bosbach wants to keep his parliamentary mandate despite his fierce criticism of the German government’s Greece policy, but resign from his post as chairman of the Interior Committee.

"I cannot and will not go down this path," said 63-year-old Bosbach on Thursday, explaining his decision after consultations with his CDU district association in Bergisch Gladbach. About a renewed candidacy for the Bundestag 2017 he wants to decide accordingly only at the end of the coming year.

Bosbach will resign from his post as committee chairman on September 22, according to his own words. He had long entertained the idea of giving up his Bundestag mandate as well. "I didn’t find anyone who thought this was a good idea," Bosbach said. Accordingly, he was also unanimously called upon by his district association to remain in the Bundestag.

Bosbach had announced several times in the past that he would draw personal consequences in the event of renewed votes on further aid packages for Greece. Last Friday, the majority of the Bundestag had voted in favor of opening negotiations with Athens on a third billion euro program. However, 65 CDU/CSU deputies, including Bosbach, refused to endorse the course advocated by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

"I’ll throw myself into any battle for Angela Merkel," Bosbach said. "But I cannot and I will not vote against my convictions in the future." But if he were to resign his mandate, "there would probably be many disappointed who voted for me not despite but because of my stance on the euro issue," Bosbach said.

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