Berlin report on the protection of the constitution: more nazis, more salafists

The far-right scene is on the rise again, and the number of violence-oriented neo-Nazis is also on the rise. In addition, there are more Salafists and a left-wing scene in transition.

At the last major far-right demonstration in May, the NPD hardly played a role. Photo: dpa

In Berlin, there are again more right-wing extremists: according to the annual balance 2015 of the authority presented on Tuesday, the scene is currently about 1,450 people, 100 more than in 2014, when the potential number of people had fallen slightly compared to the previous year. The number of violence-oriented right-wing extremists also increased significantly from 600 to 700. Above all, the issues of asylum policy and refugee accommodation gave the scene a significant influx, according to the report.

In addition to well-known right-wing extremist parties such as the NPD, which was able to increase its membership slightly from 230 to 250, there are also, according to State Secretary of the Interior Bernd Kromer, more and more organizing opportunities for people outside the classic right-wing extremist spectrum. Kromer mentioned in particular the micro-party Pro Deutschland as well as the new-right Identitarian movement. Enrico Stubbe, who organized the neo-Nazi demonstrations in Mitte in March as well as in May of this year, belongs to Pro Deutschland. The Identitarians, who have so far appeared in Berlin mainly with attention-seeking small-scale actions, are calling for the first time for a demonstration in Berlin next Friday, which is to begin at 6 p.m. at Strausberger Platz.

According to Kromer, the number of Salafists in Berlin has also risen, from 570 in 2014 to 710 in May of this year. 380 of them are violence-oriented, he said. A total of 110 Islamists have so far left for combat zones, and about half of them have already returned. 20 Islamist fighters from Berlin have been killed – whether this includes the former Kreuzberg rapper Denis Cuspert is still not clear beyond doubt.

According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the radical left scene is undergoing a "far from complete structural change" in which classic autonomous groups are losing relevance, while postautonomous groups such as the Interventionist Left or TOP Berlin are gaining members and influence.

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