Magazine launch: giving space to voices

"Contemporary And" is dedicated to the diversity of contemporary art from Africa and the Diaspora. On Thursday, they present their new issue.

Flavio Cerqueira, I told you…, 2016. bronze and books Photo: Flavio Cerqueira / Goodman Gallery

Akinbode Akinbiyi is a chronicler of urban life. Like a flâneur, he moves through the streets of mainly African megacities, Lagos, Cairo, Johannesburg, Kinshasa, capturing everyday scenes with his SLR camera: people waiting and passing by, double-decker buses, billboards, intersections, seemingly trivial things that translate the rhythm of modern life into poetic images. Currently, you can see them at documenta14 in Kassel – and in the latest print issue of Contemporary And.

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Lars eidinger at the berlin schaubuhne: invitation to regression

The premiere of Henrik Ibsen’s classic "Peer Gynt" was modest. Perhaps the play will develop in the course of the performances?

Head and face are maltreated and punished Photo: Benjakon

Lars Eidinger and John Bock tell "Peer Gynt" at the Schaubuhne. So two artists come together who have tried out the border-crossing and the crazy, the gesture of self-overestimation and its ironic refraction, quite often and sometimes very well.

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Koffi olomide abused women: singer imprisoned in congo

One of the most famous singers of the Democratic Republic of Congo is sentenced in a summary trial. Kenya had previously expelled him.

Music in Congo is emotion: funeral of Papa Wemba on May 4, 2016 Photo: ap

A court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has sentenced one of the country’s best-known musicians to 18 months in prison in a summary trial. Koffi Olomide was arrested at dawn Tuesday at his home in the capital Kinshasa, immediately brought before a judge and found guilty of assault and convicted by mid-afternoon.

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Congolese rebels: a country in uncertainty

A previously unknown group has attacked Beni, a key town in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s troubled east.

Soldiers have long patrolled eastern DR Congo near Beni against ADF rebels Photo: reuters

In a climate of rising political tension in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a previously unknown group whose members have announced the country’s "liberation" has attacked a key town in the country’s troubled east.

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Rigaer strabe in berlin: 19 months of full closure

Due to controversial construction projects, part of Rigaer Strabe in Friedrichshain will be completely closed from Tuesday. Green Party deputy expects lawsuits.

Protest against construction projects on Rigaer Strabe. Photo: dpa

A notice that had been irritating residents of Rigaer Strabe for a short time got an official blessing on Thursday. The note, attached with adhesive tape, announces a "full closure in the area of Rigaer Strabe 36 – 38 / Rigaer Strabe 71 – 73A" from "01.08.2017 to 28.02.2019" – signatory "The construction management". Whoever suspected behind this a protest action against construction projects planned in the street section was wrong: Thursday afternoon the public order office of the district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg confirmed the official order of the one and a half year street closure.

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Kofi annan and rwanda: the shadow of genocide

In early 1994, Annan, who later became UN Secretary-General, stopped an intervention in Rwanda against preparations for genocide.

Late insight: Kofi Annan at a genocide memorial in Rwanda, 1998 Photo: ap

"Judas is dead," commented Rwandan author Gatete Ruhumuliza on Twitter on the news of Kofi Annan’s death. The former UN Secretary General’s record is discussed very differently in Africa.

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Commentary: withdrawal from afghanistan: keeping up, becoming honest

More money for development cooperation with Afghanistan is good, transparency is better. How about a list of all German projects?

The mixing of military and development is one of the most serious problems of the Afghanistan mission. Picture: dpa

What can be said against the German government increasing development cooperation (DC) funds with Afghanistan? But if the money is to be used wisely, there is a need for discussion. Transparency is a prerequisite, and so far it has been finely dosed.

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Dam projects in burma: depopulation for electricity exports

A large dam project in Burma threatens to deprive numerous people of their livelihood. Many have already been displaced without compensation.

Peace or displacement? The Salween River is to be dammed. Picture: ap

For the government of Burma, they are symbols of progress and economic development; for people of ethnic groups such as the Karen or the Shan, on the other hand, they mean hardship and displacement: Along the Salween River, the construction of six dams is planned. However, most of the electricity generated there will be sold to neighboring countries such as China and Thailand. According to activists, residents of the dam construction areas are being evicted without compensation.

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“Conversion therapies” for homosexuals: commission prepares ban

Homosexuality does not require therapy, according to Health Minister Spahn. He wants to ban therapies that seek to change people’s sexuality.

Do not need so-called "conversion": women at an LGBTQI parade in Miami Photo: ap

German Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to ban therapies of homosexuals with the aim of changing their sexuality. As his ministry announced in Berlin on Wednesday, he has appointed an expert commission to advise on the design of the ban. "Homosexuality is not a disease and does not require therapy," Spahn explained earlier in the taz interview. That is why he is in favor of a ban on so-called conversion therapy, he said.

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“Todos os mortos” at the berlinale: the ghosts of the past

The film "Todos os mortos" by Caetano Gotardo and Marco Dutra negotiates the legacy of Brazilian slavery with much symbolism (Competition).

Photo shows: Mawusi Tulani (left) and Agyei Augusto (right) Photo: Helène Louvart/Dezenove Som e Imagens.

When Josefina, the last servant of the Soares family, dies, Isabel and her grown-up daughters MarIa and Ana realize that their privileged life on the coffee plantation is finally a thing of the past. Long since the bankruptcy of the rural family estate, the three women live in the now prosperous city of Sao Paulo.

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