Proposal of the minister of defense: akk wants a protection zone in northern syria

The defense minister has proposed an international security zone for northern Syria. She wants to break with the rather restrained Syria policy so far.

The minister plans to present her proposal on the sidelines of the meeting of NATO defense ministers Photo: Stefan Boness/Ipon

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is urging Germany and its EU partners to become more involved in the northern Syria conflict. "My proposal is that we establish an internationally controlled security zone involving Turkey and including Russia," the CDU leader told Deutsche Welle on Monday.

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Tension in the ard: quarrel with the bavarian broadcasting corporation

For once, the ARD is united in its displeasure with Ulrich Wilhelm, the director of BR. Is a BR exit looming?

The director of Bayerischer Rundfunk Ulrich Wilhelm Photo: Frank Hoermann / Sven Simon

If, for once, ARD could do as it pleased, it would amount to an unregulated BR exit. Whereby it is not about Great Britain at all. But about Bavaria! Because Ulrich Wilhelm has made it. The director of Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) has succeeded in doing what many in the club, which likes to be called "Alle Reden Durcheinander," have failed to do. ARD is finally in agreement. Tusch and applause!

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Spd in berlin election campaign: active not only on twitter

Berlin State Secretary Sawsan Chebli is competing with Governing Mayor Michael Muller for an SPD seat in the Bundestag. What does she stand for?

Sawsan Chebli (SPD) wants to enter the Bundestag photo:

Sawsan Chebli stands at a rally against anti-Semitism on Schillerstrabe in Berlin-Charlottenburg on Oct. 9, 2020, one year after the attack on the synagogue in Halle. The Berlin state secretary is actually on parental leave, but today she wants to show solidarity.

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Basic income test in finland: for many, a “piece of freedom”

After two years, the trial of an unconditional basic income has come to an end in Finland. Now it is being evaluated.

Little money, a lot of courage: Drum maker Juha Jarvinen also received the Finnish basic income Photo: dpa

For those affected, the balance is positive. "The psychological aspect was very important for me," says Sini Marttinen. She had already been used to working independently and had always had a whole bunch of different jobs to make ends meet. The additional 560 euros were a good basis, "a feeling of greater security. But of course not enough to live on alone.

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Senate makes concessions to group: karstadt buys berlin

The state of Berlin wants to preserve department stores and is therefore making concessions to the group’s new construction projects. A weekly commentary.

Demo in front of Karstadt Sport stores in Berlin: The question is, at what price? Photo: picture alliance/Fabian Sommer/dpa

It was an appearance like one for the history books. On Monday, the state’s three mayors – the governing Michael Muller (SPD) and his two deputies Klaus Lederer (Linke) and Ramona Pop (Grune) – appeared before the press in the stately Great Hall of the Rotes Rathaus to ceremoniously sign a "Letter of Intent" regarding the Karstadt department stores.

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American pie column: on guard.

Why Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, made headlines for sexism. Our sports column American Pie.

Self-critical: quarterback Cam Newton Photo: ap

Cam Newton loves clothes. Suits in bright colors, extravagant patterns, big checks, small checks, strict ties and screeching bow ties, rhinestone-studded loafers and glasses that seem to have come from Elton John’s trove. And hats, always hats. Hats of all colors and shapes, cowboy hats and jaunty little hats, sometimes with a jaunty feather in the hatband.

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Murder of student maria l.: the guilt of hussein k.

A verdict is expected on Thursday in the trial at Freiburg Regional Court. The defendant must expect a harsh sentence.

The defendant Hussein K. in front of the Freiburg Regional Court Photo: dpa

After half a year, the trial against Hussein K. is expected to end on Thursday. The queue of visitors in front of the Freiburg Regional Court has become shorter and shorter during this time. The AfD has already rolled up its banners after the first day of the trial. And even those in the audience who would prefer to make short work of such cases are apparently soon tired of patiently listening to the experts’ age assessments and the testimonies of the witnesses, some of whom have traveled from Greece.

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“Democracy!” by negri & hardt: trapped in the manifesto

Toni Negri and Michael Hardt are the most important intellectuals of the globalization-critical left. Now they have written a declaration.

"Free yourselves!" Image: reuters

This book begins with a trick. Some may see in it a fallacy, but it is a trick. Michael Hardt and Toni Negri, theorists of the anti-globalization left, authors of the 2000 world bestseller "Empire," open their new book "Democracy! What We’re Fighting For" with the sentence, "This is not a manifesto." Manifestos, they argue, proclaim ideal worlds for us and invoke a ghostly subject. They belonged to a time when politics followed prophets who created their people.

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Despite “safe country of origin”: roma persecution recognized

The Oldenburg Administrative Court has granted refugee status to a Romni from Macedonia. She was politically persecuted as an activist.

Commitment against the living conditions of Roma can result in persecution in Macedonia. Photo: Allegra Schneider

The case, which was decided by the Oldenburg Administrative Court at the end of September, could have become another of the many thousands of cases in which the asylum application of a Rom or Romni from the Western Balkans is rejected. It could have been another of the many thousands of cases in which the asylum application of a Roma or Romni from the Western Balkans was rejected, an application that was deemed "manifestly unfounded" and then included in the statistics of the other 99 percent of rejected cases, with the political justification that Macedonia, for example, was also "safe" for Roma. But this time things turned out differently.

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Vice chairwoman of the spd serpil midyatli: don’t talk, get down to business

As a 16-year-old, Serpil Midyatli earned her first money in her uncle’s pizzeria. Today, she is vice chairwoman of the SPD. What drives her?

She recognizes tasks and tackles them: SPD Vice Chair Serpil Midyatli Photo: Markus Scholz/dpa/picture alliance

Only one waitress is responsible for the entire restaurant. Serpil Midyatli watches for a while as the woman rushes by with trays and plates, then she slides out of the bench and offers to help. She knows the job and the place very well: the current member of the state parliament, deputy federal SPD chairwoman and party leader in Schleswig-Holstein, already worked as a temp in this restaurant as a schoolgirl. "I’ve walked back and forth here a thousand times."

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