Afd’s handling of bjorn hocke: as penance only “measures of order”

Co-party leader Petry obviously could not get her way. Bjorn Hocke may remain an AfD member. This was decided by the party executive in a conference call.

Got away with it again: Bjorn Hocke may remain a party member Photo: imago/Jacob Schroter

Thuringia AfD chairman Bjorn Hocke does not have to leave the party despite his controversial statements on Germany’s understanding of history. This was decided by the AfD party executive board on Monday after a three-hour conference call. However, according to party circles and also reported by the Bild newspaper and ARD, the board accused Hocke of party-damaging behavior.

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Presidential election in the republic of moldova: from the grave to the ballot box

On Sunday, Moldovans will also decide where the country is headed in terms of foreign policy. Election fraud is to be expected.

Omnipresent in Chisinau: Socialist candidate Igor Dodon Photo: dpa

Igor Dodon, head of the socialist party in the Republic of Moldova, really seems to be a man of superlatives. "Enough! Igor Dodon president! The only politician capable of eliminating the current regime and saving the country!" is one of the 41-year-old’s election slogans.

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Comment low milk prices: land grabbing in the middle of germany

The Minister of Agriculture prefers to make pacts with large dairies instead of taking care of the farmers. It’s true: the federal government is betting on the demise of farms.

The market doesn’t make it: milk production on a farm Photo: dpa

If politicians are to be judged by the realization of their goals, then Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) is the high performer of the federal cabinet: this is evident in the milk crisis. For when, before the abolition of the quota system, critical organizations such as the Arbeitsgemeinschaft bauerlicher Landwirtschaft (AbL) and the Bundesverband Deutscher Milchviehhalter (BDM) warned of price collapses and proposed new, smarter instruments for volume control, he rejected them.

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Congolese rebels: a country in uncertainty

A previously unknown group has attacked Beni, a key town in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s troubled east.

Soldiers have long patrolled eastern DR Congo near Beni against ADF rebels Photo: reuters

In a climate of rising political tension in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a previously unknown group whose members have announced the country’s "liberation" has attacked a key town in the country’s troubled east.

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Kofi annan and rwanda: the shadow of genocide

In early 1994, Annan, who later became UN Secretary-General, stopped an intervention in Rwanda against preparations for genocide.

Late insight: Kofi Annan at a genocide memorial in Rwanda, 1998 Photo: ap

"Judas is dead," commented Rwandan author Gatete Ruhumuliza on Twitter on the news of Kofi Annan’s death. The former UN Secretary General’s record is discussed very differently in Africa.

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Dam projects in burma: depopulation for electricity exports

A large dam project in Burma threatens to deprive numerous people of their livelihood. Many have already been displaced without compensation.

Peace or displacement? The Salween River is to be dammed. Picture: ap

For the government of Burma, they are symbols of progress and economic development; for people of ethnic groups such as the Karen or the Shan, on the other hand, they mean hardship and displacement: Along the Salween River, the construction of six dams is planned. However, most of the electricity generated there will be sold to neighboring countries such as China and Thailand. According to activists, residents of the dam construction areas are being evicted without compensation.

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“Conversion therapies” for homosexuals: commission prepares ban

Homosexuality does not require therapy, according to Health Minister Spahn. He wants to ban therapies that seek to change people’s sexuality.

Do not need so-called "conversion": women at an LGBTQI parade in Miami Photo: ap

German Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to ban therapies of homosexuals with the aim of changing their sexuality. As his ministry announced in Berlin on Wednesday, he has appointed an expert commission to advise on the design of the ban. "Homosexuality is not a disease and does not require therapy," Spahn explained earlier in the taz interview. That is why he is in favor of a ban on so-called conversion therapy, he said.

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Pothole column: vegan concerns everyone

Veganism is no more difficult for people with a migration history to understand than it is for others. Why aren’t they more involved?

"We live in an arguably segregated society" Photo: dpa

A few days ago, I went to a talk about "Extinction Rebellion." This movement was founded in the UK at the end of 2018 and aims to engage in protest and civil disobedience for a radically different climate policy, preferably worldwide. The people present seemed to be simultaneously carried by horror and by courage, which was inspiring. But something else struck me: Almost without exception, people with native German backgrounds were present. I had felt similarly at so many events on climate change, veganism, and animal rights demos; I saw almost only bright faces.

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Seehofer wants to ban left-wing association: horst helps red help

Since it became known that German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is calling for a ban on "Red Help," the association has experienced a wave of support.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) shows his teeth Photo: dpa

Some call it left-wing extremist and anti-constitutional, others praise it as indispensable. The association "Rote Hilfe" describes itself as a "non-partisan, cross-currents left-wing protection and solidarity organization".

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