Arms sales decline worldwide: defense companies hit by crisis

Sales fall by 4.2 percent worldwide. According to the Sipri Institute, Russia is significantly increasing its arms spending, while the USA is buying much less.

Leopard tank from Krauss-Maffei Wegman (KMW) at an arms fair in Schonefeld near Berlin, 2008. photo: ap

The global arms business is in crisis. The 100 largest arms companies suffered a 4.2 percent drop in sales in 2012. This continued a trend from 2011. At that time, arms sales had fallen by 6 percent for the first time after the boom decade in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

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Pre-election campaign in the usa: bashing in on everyone else

On the eve of the primaries there, Donald Trump is also coming to New Hampshire. It’s his first big appearance after his acquittal in the Senate.

Unquestioning loyalty: Trump supporters at the stadium in Manchester, New Hampshire Photo: reuters

On the eve of the New Hampshire primaries, Donald Trump flies in for a few hours. While the other party’s presidential candidates pitch their ideas and programs for every vote, he makes fun of the Democratic primary campaign in his long speech. "Vote for the weakest of them," he advises thousands of supporters for Tuesday’s primaries. Adding, "But I don’t even know who that should be, I think they’re all weak." The crowd chants, "Four more years," and waves flags.

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