Death of patient tonou-mbobda at the uke: homicide investigated

Tonou-Mbobda died of heart failure, according to the public prosecutor’s office. The UKE promises "unconditional clarification".

Tonou Mbobda was remembered in front of the UKE Photo: Miguel Ferraz

Hamburg taz The psychiatric patient Tonou-Mbobda, who comes from Cameroon, has died "as a result of heart failure." This was announced by the press spokeswoman of the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office on Monday.

Tonou-Mbobda had been beaten up by three security guards at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) on Easter Sunday, according to eyewitnesses. He died last Friday at the university hospital. "Further investigations are underway into the question of whether there was a pre-existing heart condition," the prosecutor’s office added. However, it could be several weeks before the final results of the investigations into the cause of death are available.

The taz now has information about internal service orders of the UKE, which are in connection with the death of the patient. These were communicated to the security service by mail – and he is now not to carry out any more coercive measures.

"In connection with the incidents of the past weekend," the letter reads, "I have to announce a few changes regarding the future workflow." The letter was presumably written by the head of the security company, as confirmed by two anonymous UKE employees. The security company is part of the university hospital’s subsidiary "Klinik Logistik & Engineering" (KLE).

The Black Community Hamburg, which spread the first reports about the incident at the UKE on Facebook on Easter Monday, is now speaking out with an open letter to the UKE. It demands an "end to the racist practices of the UKE and the impunity for the perpetrators."

The Left Party submitted a small question to the Hamburg parliament on Thursday in order to clarify the incident.

The Hamburg Refugee Council, the Black Community Hamburg and other groups demand the suspension of the security personnel involved in the incident.

The mail goes on to say: "From now on and until written revocation, no intervention missions in connection with medically ordered coercive measures (or assistance with forced medication, fixation, etc.) will be implemented by employees of the UKE security service. Should the need for a coercive measure become apparent, the police must always be called in (regardless of how often and how long it takes).

Of course, all security forces can still be called out on emergency missions to show a presence on site. Patients may no longer be physically touched with immediate effect. The only exception is self-defense and emergency assistance – this may, should and must continue to be provided in a real threat and/or defense situation, but only if the situation cannot be averted by any other means." That there has never been such an instruction before is confirmed by both anonymous UKE employees.

The letter goes on to say, "The carrying of privately procured means of intervention, such as handcuffs or similar, is prohibited on duty for any employee." When asked at the UKE whether private equipment was previously allowed, the press spokeswoman did not want to give any information about the "internal security concept."

"Deeply dismayed"

Furthermore, the mail states: "Employees who have been removed from duty and are on duty alone will continue to perform their duties in civilian clothes until further notice. Employees who move around the premises in uniform as part of their assignment continue to do so in pairs, without exception." The fact that the security service had instructions to work in plain clothes was practiced in the past in the case of theft crimes in order to identify the perpetrator, both sources confirm. But it has never happened on this scale and in this context, they say.

The UKE press spokeswoman also commented in more detail for the first time on the death at the university hospital: "We are deeply saddened by the death of our patient Mr. Tonou-Mbobda. Our sympathy goes to the bereaved families. We take the allegations very seriously and support the unreserved clarification of the events with all our strength. Racism has no place in the UKE. At UKE, we consistently stand for tolerance and a cosmopolitan society."

A police spokesman confirms that the homicide squad is investigating assault resulting in death.

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