Injured at demo against afd party conference: party conference visitor drives into demo

A visitor to the Hamburg AfD state party conference injured several demonstrators with his car. A video documents the incident.

Soon after, people were injured: Demo against the AfD state party conference on November 15 in Hamburg Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

Accompanied by protest, the AfD met in Hamburg on Sunday for the state party conference. While they were inside electing Bernd Baumann as their top candidate for the federal election, a man outside steered his car into the demonstration.

The Hamburg Alliance Against the Right had mobilized for a rally, and about 50 demonstrators stood in the way of the party conference guests. In their hands were banners that read, for example, "Ekel-HAfD". According to the police, there were "shoving matches". On Twitter, the AfD scolded that "the police" should have protected the entrance to the site "from blockades", "arriving people were shouted at and insulted by ‘the Antifa’".

The driver of a car is under investigation for dangerous interference with traffic. Demonstrators had blocked the way of the car, in which apparently an AfD member had wanted to leave the event. The driver of the car accelerated and hit a person with his vehicle. A 6-second cell phone film documents the scene. Several people were injured, the demonstrators said.

Already on Sunday, a police spokesman had told NDR that only "one person had been injured" and explained that "an employee of a private security service had used pepper spray." In the short video, however, a uniformed man can be seen with a white helmet hanging from his belt and police written in capital letters on his back in white. The video continues to show how the car simply drives on.

As in Henstedt-Ulzburg

This incident was not commented by the AfD – neither via Twitter nor on their website. There they merely announced that the more than 100 members present had elected Bernd Baumann as their top candidate with "over 85 percent" of the votes "in compliance with the hygiene rules." Followed by the AfD Member of Parliament Olga Petersen and the AfD parliamentary group leader in the district of Hamburg-Mitte, Nicole Jordan, in second and third place respectively.

The incident is reminiscent of an attack with a car after an AfD event in Henstedt-Ulzburg. On 17. October, at the end of the event in Schleswig-Holstein, a driver deliberately drove onto the sidewalk and accelerated to hit counter-demonstrators. At first, the investigation was limited to charges of dangerous interference with traffic. In the meantime, also after the taz quoted a person concerned, investigations are now also underway for dangerous bodily harm.

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