Forming a government in thuringia: cdu, will it go on forever?

In Thuringia, one plan after another to lead the state out of the crisis is failing. It’s up to the CDU. There are not many options left.

Temporary CDU faction leader: Mike Mohring on Wednesday in the Thuringian state parliament Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa

The CDU parliamentary group in the Thuringian state parliament met for four hours this morning, and had a lot to discuss. Previously, the attempt to form a red-red-green transitional government under former CDU Prime Minister Christine Lieberknecht had failed – which further increased the pressure on the Christian Democrats. That’s because Lieberknecht called it off because her own party friends weren’t willing enough to compromise.

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Spd party conference in bonn: narrow majority in favor of negotiations

After a long discussion, the SPD party conference votes with a good 56 percent in favor of coalition negotiations with the CDU/CSU.

Faction leader and party chairman take note of the vote Photo: reuters

Kevin Kuhnert walks with determined steps past the three big red letters SPD to the lectern. 1:09 p.m., silence falls in Room Geneva at the World Conference Center in Bonn. Kuhnert, the leader of the revolt against a new grand coalition, gets going.

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Rhythmic blues from london: kanye west is not king

L. A. Salami, the young singer-songwriter from London, has it going on. His new album "The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith" shows that.

As a couch potato, you can also lounge creatively, like L.A. Salami Photo: Diane Sagnier

The city as a source of friction, this is a theme one encounters in contemporary pop, especially in hip-hop and grime – genres, in other words, that are aptly subsumed under "urban." The first musical love of Lookman Adekunle Salami, alias L. A. Salami, however, was Bob Dylan. An unusual preference for a young Londoner with Nigerian roots. Now Salami’s third album "The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith" is released, great wandering stream-of-consciousness folk; everyday vignettes that not least also work off life in the city – a rather unconventional perspective in the singer-songwriter genre.

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Compensation rules in journalism: unions criticize publishers

The publishers’ association announces industry-wide compensation rules for freelance writers. The reason is a law that allows association lawsuits.

With pen and paper: Freelance journalists often earn extremely little money Photo: dpa

Poor, poorer, author – this whimsical alliteration is often used by freelancers in the media when they outline their working conditions to outsiders. After all, they have little to do with the cliche of lavish expense allowances and beautiful penthouse writing rooms. Self-employed journalists at daily newspapers are hit particularly hard: Here, expenses and earnings are sometimes in a downright antisocial imbalance. This could now tip even further.

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Pre-election campaign in the usa: bashing in on everyone else

On the eve of the primaries there, Donald Trump is also coming to New Hampshire. It’s his first big appearance after his acquittal in the Senate.

Unquestioning loyalty: Trump supporters at the stadium in Manchester, New Hampshire Photo: reuters

On the eve of the New Hampshire primaries, Donald Trump flies in for a few hours. While the other party’s presidential candidates pitch their ideas and programs for every vote, he makes fun of the Democratic primary campaign in his long speech. "Vote for the weakest of them," he advises thousands of supporters for Tuesday’s primaries. Adding, "But I don’t even know who that should be, I think they’re all weak." The crowd chants, "Four more years," and waves flags.

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Study on flight and migration: what germans think

The majority of Germans see migration as an opportunity, especially in the labor market. There is criticism of the government’s disunity.

After all, more than half of those surveyed see migration as an opportunity Photo: dpa

When it comes to the topic of migration, moderate positions rarely dominate in politics, the media and the social networks. Consequently, terms such as welcome culture and homeland have become political fighting words. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation has now conducted a study to investigate how Germans view the topics of flight and migration.

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Cycling classic paris – roubaix: the puppet race

Peter Sagan triumphs at the "Hell of the North" in an untypical way. But his success is overshadowed by the death of professional Michael Goolaerts.

Peter Segan (front) on the cobblestone road "Carrefour de l’Abre" Photo: dpa

Peter Sagan beamed in the Roubaix velodrome. For he had fulfilled a childhood dream. "As a boy, I loved to watch Paris-Roubaix. I wanted to win this race so much. Now, when I turned onto the velodrome and knew I was actually racing to win here for the first time, it was an indescribable feeling," he said in the heart of the famous cycling stadium.

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Organ donation reform: a matter of the heart

The Bundestag passes a moderate reform of organ donation and rejects the contradiction solution. The debate is thoughtful and emotional.

The factional constraint was – as usual with conscience decisions – lifted Photo: reuters

It is about Lilli, for example. Lilli, a nine-year-old girl, is waiting for a donor heart in a clinic in Hamburg. For 19 months, day after day, she and her parents have been hoping for the redeeming call that an organ is ready for transplantation. Lilli, tells SPD member Matthias Bartke, standing at the lectern, told him, "When you’re dead, you don’t need your organs anymore." She was right.

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Protests against the afd party conference: the csu is also against the right-wing.

The "city of peace" Augsburg is mobilizing against the AfD party conference this weekend. The demonstrators also include representatives of the CSU.

In Augsburg, a broad protest is forming against the AfD party conference Photo: dpa

The appeal is flowery: "Show yourself Augsburg, show your attitude, show your heart, show your courage and show your tolerance," reads the call for demonstrations and rallies against the AfD party conference. This will take place this weekend in Augsburg’s Schwabenhalle in the fairgrounds, five kilometers south of the city center. Officially, 2,500 demonstrators are registered, but meanwhile significantly more are expected. Nevertheless, the numbers are unlikely to approach those of the anti-AfD rally in Berlin with 25,000 participants or the protests at the last party congress in 2017 in Cologne, where about 12,000 opponents of the AfD protested. This may also be due to the fact that Augsburg has only 290,000 inhabitants and a very rural environment.

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Portrait of recep tayyip erdoğan: he came from a humble background

The current Turkish president wanted to reach the very top. The boy from a poor neighborhood in Istanbul did everything he could to get there. Has he now reached his goal?

As a youth, Erdogan loved soccer and religion Photo: reuters

They are two huge banners showing who is now the ruler of Turkey: Since the thwarted coup attempt, two lengths of cloth with a portrait of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have been hanging at the Ataturk Cultural Center in Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Three years ago, his opponents demonstrated here; now thousands celebrate their Tayyip, as they call him, every evening. The increasingly autocratic ruler has once again managed to emerge from a crisis as a winner – and he has never been as strong and vengeful as he is at the moment.

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