Protests against scrappage scheme: demo in front of the chancellor’s office

On Tuesday, the car summit meets with Chancellor Merkel. The organization Campact and Fridays before Future protest against a new purchase premium.

Environmental activists believe a new car scrappage scheme would do enormous harm Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach/reuters

Ahead of Tuesday’s car summit at the Chancellor’s Office, activists from Fridays for Future, environmental groups and the campaign organization Campact are demonstrating against a new scrappage scheme. Demonstrators also plan to protest online and in front of the factories of major car manufacturers.

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Police scandal in nrw: hitler pictures and swastikas

In NRW, 29 police officers are suspended for exchanging information in right-wing extremist chat groups. Interior Minister Reul speaks of a "disgrace".

Expresses horror at the police affair: NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul Photo: Marcel Kusch/dpa

North Rhine-Westphalia is rocked by a police scandal. Since early Wednesday morning, searches have been underway in several cities against 29 police officers. They are alleged to have shared right-wing extremist content in Whatsapp chat groups. Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) spoke of "the most evil and disgusting neo-Nazi, racist and anti-refugee agitation." The incidents hit the police "to the core". They are "a disgrace for the NRW police".

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Premiere of nicoleta esinencu in berlin: expulsion of evil spirits

Patriarchy, the state, capitalism – everything is driven out with brooms and noise in Nicoleta Esinencu’s performance "The Abolition of the Family" in Berlin.

With rattling and stomping, the ensemble works on the expulsion of evil spirits Photo: Dorothea Tuch

"What is family?" asks Nicoleta Esinencu. And shouts after it, "Away with patriarchy! Away with the traditional family!" Consistently, the Moldovan theater-maker gives her latest performance the title "Abolirea familiei / The Abolition of the Family," setting the stage for seven life stories told on stage at HAU 3 in Berlin. Together with her, Elena Anmeghichean, Cătălina Bucos, Doina-Romanta Dochitan, Elena Sîrbu, Doriana Talmazan and Artiom Zavadovsky have compiled episodes from their lives, where it was difficult and demanding. For most of them, childhood still fell in the Soviet Union. Today, all of them have Moldovan passports.

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Commentary multiple marriages in germany: a small problem with a big effect

Heiko Maas no longer wants to recognize Islamic multiple marriages. That is actionism. The justice minister is bowing to the AfD.

How many would you like to have? Photo: Imago

The problem is marginal, but it lends itself perfectly to right-wing populist scaremongering. That’s why Justice Minister Heiko Maas has now announced that he will no longer recognize Muslim multiple marriages as a matter of principle. Before the upcoming federal elections, he does not want to offer the Alternative for Germany an open flank in this field.

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Commentary super tuesday: teflon trump against the establishment

Now it’s getting dangerous: Trump is clearly ahead. Hillary Clinton must score with content if the country is not to fall into political frenzy.

Wobbly figures of Clinton and Trump in the White House Gift Shop. Photo: dpa

Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump: this will almost certainly be the duel the U.S. can look forward to. After their victories on Super Tuesday – in which the competition was beaten off – the nomination is hardly to be taken away from both of them. One is as expected as the other has long been inconceivable.

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Cultural revolution in china: from ruins to turbo capitalism

Mao’s movement continues to shape Chinese society to this day. Sinologist Daniel Leese explains its causes and consequences in his booklet.

Mao Zedong’s visible influence: statue in Wuhan, China Photo: reuters

The Chinese Cultural Revolution took place literally in front of the eyes of the world public, but without providing a view behind the scenes. Its image is still dominated today by the mass marches of young schoolchildren and students between 19, who, on the orders of Mao Zedong, wanted to drive those "who took the capitalist path" out of office.

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On-site visit to the left party: fight over crumbs

The new dual leadership of the Left Party invites its members to breakfast: Wagenknecht and Bartsch are already at odds.

Apparent closeness: Dietmar Bartsch and Sahra Wagenknecht. Photo: dpa

He slips two large pieces of Camembert onto his wholemeal roll and takes three big bites. She grabs a dry roll, tears off small pieces of dough and chews on them with concentration. When Sahra Wagenknecht finally swallows and takes the floor, when Dietmar Bartsch puts down half his roll and looks up from the dining table, the designated dual leadership of the Left has basically already lost: The two can’t even find common ground over breakfast. And now they want to lead a parliamentary group together?

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Commentary death anniversary of the prosecutor: fritz bauer was the better 68er

Legendary prosecutor Fritz Bauer died 50 years ago. Unjustly, he was not as revered as the 68er icons Dutschke and Langhans.

A picture of Fritz Bauer in a Frankfurt exhibition in 2014 Photo: dpa

Sunday, some people will remember him, but an honorable part of the collective memory is not the day: on July 1, 1968, the most prominent prosecutor of the then still young Federal Republic, Fritz Bauer, was found dead in his bathtub. In the middle of the agitated time of (not only) student unrest, the symbolic figure of a humane rule of law, of a liberalization of mores, dies in a still authoritarian-minded Federal Republic – could that be?

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Commentary on deadly pepper spray: the fairy tale of the mild remedy

The police spray indiscriminately and a lot with pepper spray. The renewed fatalities show that it is high time to stop the frequent use.

Deadly for asthmatics, heart patients or people who take psychotropic drugs or drugs: Use of pepper spray at the G20 summit in Hamburg Photo: dpa

Pepper spray is still considered the supposedly milder means in police operations. Because it does not cause baton wounds or water cannon fractures, and because it cannot be used for the "final rescue shot". And because pepper spray is supposedly as "mild" as baby shampoo, it is used quite indiscriminately in police operations, freely according to the motto: "May I have a little more?" In 2010, for example, the police sprayed almost 2,200 cartridges during a single Castor operation.

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Opposition figure in azerbaijan: on the verge of a coma

Politician Tofig Yagublu has been on hunger strike for over two weeks. He is protesting his sentence of four years in prison for vandalism.

Musavat Tofig Yagublu during an interview before his imprisonment Photo: Karimov/pacific press/imago

He is apparently determined to go to extremes: Azerbaijani opposition politician Tofig Yagublu threatened on Wednesday to stop drinking water if the guilty verdict against him is not overturned. On September 3, the 59-year-old was sentenced by a court in the capital Baku to four years and three months in prison for vandalism. Since then he has been on hunger strike.

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