Series column the couch reporters: aliens with teen problems

And Cut: After "Torchwood," the longest-running sci-fi series "Doctor Who" gets another new spin-off with "Class."

In the new "Doctor Who" spin-off, it’s back to school again Photo: BBC

The British are known to have a penchant for the weird. This also applies to television series. When I spent half a year studying in London in the mid-1990s, my roommate Paul recommended the cult show par excellence: "Doctor Who. This is a science fiction series by the BBC, which was broadcast from 1963 to 1989 and has been continued in a new edition since 2005.

Doctor Who travels through dimensions and centuries by means of a time-space machine, which is disguised from the outside as an old police emergency call cell. And just like the emergency cell, the special effects also look like they are homemade. That’s not a bad thing, though. The incredible stories make up for it. By the way, "Doctor Who" is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-running science fiction series to date.

From time to time, there are spin-offs of the "Doctor Who" series, most recently "Torchwood," which ran for four seasons from 2006 to 2011. In it, a covert organization protects Earth from alien threats of all kinds. I found the series only so lala, because too expectable. The actors are young and naturally good-looking men and women, there is a lot of sex, violence and strong language. "Doctor Who" is cleaner because designed for the whole family. "Torchwood" should only be watched by adults.

Stupid teachers, annoying parents, first dates

It’s a similar story with the latest spin-off, "Class," which starts April 4 on One and can be streamed online via, and is really – so much pun must be had – classy. A school is the place where the action takes place. Strange shadows suddenly appear there and attack individual students. It quickly becomes clear that these are the chosen ones in the fight against, of course, aliens. They immediately arrive in army strength. However, they are not aiming at humans, but at their own kind: Aliens of another species, respectively the rest of them: Only two are left, a prince and his protector. Therefore, already in the first episode people have to die, they vanish into thin air, collateral damage of a proxy war on earth.

All this is staged super fast and the dialogues are really funny, that’s what British authors are good at. And again, the blood young actors and actresses look stunning. And of course, hey, we’re at a school, it’s about stupid teachers and the pressure to succeed, annoying parents, falling in love for the first time and sexuality.

Very nice idea: the central character, the picture-book prince from another star, only slowly realizes how important it is to have a date for the upcoming school ball. When the penny drops, he asks the handsome Mateusz, who smoothly accepts – ready is a gay love story. Finally something new! And Cut: In the next scene a third main character loses a leg. And Cut: The army of aliens is unstoppable. And Cut: Suddenly Doctor Who is there. He supposedly once worked as a janitor in the school.

In reality, his many journeys through dimensions have left cracks in the walls of time and space, which is the only way the aliens can get into our world. But it’s good that the old Doctor only makes a cameo appearance here.

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