World economic forum in davos: just don’t talk about redistribution.

Experts debate what governments must do to get a grip on the crises. They continue to assume that inequality will increase.

The main thing is to be there: The elite of political and economic decision-makers – mostly male, for some inexplicable reason – meet in Davos. Picture: dpa

One should not put his word at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos on the gold scale, sent David Rubenstein in advance. The head of the U.S. investment firm Carlyle Group admitted that he had been quite wrong with his economic forecasts in 2014.

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Accommodation of refugees: “take care of us!”

Refugee women and children still live in secluded homes, criticizes Women in Exile – and recalls the fate of a disappeared woman.

Protest against the scandalous treatment of a disappeared woman in front of the home in Hohenleipisch Photo: Uta Schleiermacher

How secluded and deep in the forest the refugee shelter Hohenleipisch is located in the district Elbe-Elster in the south of Brandenburg, participants of a bus tour could experience firsthand on Monday. The tour bus takes a good three quarters of an hour from the district town of Herzberg, and it will be a two-hour drive to Potsdam later. Supermarkets, the train station and neighboring houses are several kilometers away.

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University protests in turkey: “terrorists’ club”.

Students at Istanbul’s Bogazici University are fighting back against the appointment of a rector with close ties to the AKP. Also with social media like Clubhouse.

A student is arrested during the demonstration Photo: Burhan Ozbilici/AP/dpa

Protests against the appointment of an AKP-affiliated rector have been going on at Istanbul’s prestigious Bogazici University since early January. Unlike previous rectors, Melih Bulu’s appointment was made by President Erdogan. Notable protests have become rarer in Turkey in recent years. The resistance, which is not abating now, is taking place not only on campus, in Istanbul and other cities, but also in the social media – with the hyped network Clubhouse playing a special role.

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Farsighted justice: jail with de facto probation

The local court has sentenced a man with many previous convictions for growing and selling cannabis. However, even the judge doubts the sense of further imprisonment.

Georg K. had already served 22 years and seven months in prison – but he still remained a criminal. Picture: dpa

It could have gone quickly last week before the district court: In the apartment of Georg K., the police found nearly 200 cannabis plants, technical equipment for cultivation and packaging material for sale. In addition a clear confession of the accused: "A good Graschen" he had wanted to sell, says K. – only to adults. Guaranteed organically grown, to boot.

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Arms sales decline worldwide: defense companies hit by crisis

Sales fall by 4.2 percent worldwide. According to the Sipri Institute, Russia is significantly increasing its arms spending, while the USA is buying much less.

Leopard tank from Krauss-Maffei Wegman (KMW) at an arms fair in Schonefeld near Berlin, 2008. photo: ap

The global arms business is in crisis. The 100 largest arms companies suffered a 4.2 percent drop in sales in 2012. This continued a trend from 2011. At that time, arms sales had fallen by 6 percent for the first time after the boom decade in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

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Independence movements in europe: edinburgh and glasgow say “si”

Scottish separatists hope Catalonia will boost their own independence. Their solidarity irks Spain’s government.

Solidarity with Catalonia at a party conference of the Scottish National Party Photo: dpa

The Senyeras, the Catalan flags, still hang on many windows in Edinburgh and Glasgow. On the street, some wear a "Si" pin. Most of them are supporters of the Scottish National Party (SNP), the party of Scottish head of government Nicola Sturgeon. They are expressing their solidarity with the Catalans because they hope for a boost for their own country’s independence.

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Science council versus finance minister: bargaining for billions

The Science Council wants more money for universities. In an internal letter, the finance ministers oppose ambitious figures.

Less money means above all nothing good for them, the students. Picture: dpa

More money for universities – that’s what the Science Council, the most important political advisory body on these issues, demanded last week. An internal letter obtained by the taz now shows how rabidly the finance ministers previously fought off overly ambitious spending targets.

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Because of the greek crisis: bosbach resigns from committee chairmanship

CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach does not want to support the Bundestag’s decision to continue negotiations with Greece. However, he will remain a member of parliament.

"I cannot and will not go along with this path," the 63-year-old said. Photo: dpa

CDU member of the Bundestag Wolfgang Bosbach wants to keep his parliamentary mandate despite his fierce criticism of the German government’s Greece policy, but resign from his post as chairman of the Interior Committee.

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Berlin report on the protection of the constitution: more nazis, more salafists

The far-right scene is on the rise again, and the number of violence-oriented neo-Nazis is also on the rise. In addition, there are more Salafists and a left-wing scene in transition.

At the last major far-right demonstration in May, the NPD hardly played a role. Photo: dpa

In Berlin, there are again more right-wing extremists: according to the annual balance 2015 of the authority presented on Tuesday, the scene is currently about 1,450 people, 100 more than in 2014, when the potential number of people had fallen slightly compared to the previous year. The number of violence-oriented right-wing extremists also increased significantly from 600 to 700. Above all, the issues of asylum policy and refugee accommodation gave the scene a significant influx, according to the report.

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Visa requirements in the usa: twitter? Facebook? Username asked

In the future, data from social media will also be requested for visa-free entry into the USA. At least, that’s what the U.S. Border Patrol wants.

Could become more difficult: Immigration control at New York’s JFK airport Photo: reuters

Before entering the United States, citizens participating in the so-called Visa Waiver Program will have to disclose their social media user data. Last week, the Customs and Border Protection (CPB) published a corresponding draft in the Federal Register, the digital official journal. The Visa Waiver Program applies, for example, to Germans traveling to the U.S. as tourists or to visit friends.

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